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Flamenco Ukulele Tutorial


First I would like to dispel the common myth that flamenco music has to be played as fast as possible.  I have seen too many videos on YouTube where the posted video is showing a "flamenco strumming technique" and the person on the video is playing the ukulele as fast as they can in the hope that it will sound OK.  It doesn’t; and it never will sound like flamenco.

Flamenco is a very melodic form of music and is approached with a passion for the rhythms of life, the music is steeped in the storytelling of life.  It is joyous and sad, it is Yin and Yang, Good and Evil - it embraces life with all of its complexities, disappointments and triumphs and as such it is slow when needed and if the "storytelling" requires it the tempo is increased.

The techniques of Flamenco playing do not hold back and are attacked, as life should be.  Strumming techniques for Flamenco Ukulele should not be over exaggerated they should be performed with an economy of motion that will allow the player to move on to the next sequence easily and smoothly.  Study the section on Rasgueo to understand where the attacking sound of Flamenco Ukulele comes from.


You will be introduced to the techniques first then if you want to you can try out some simple tunes or jump straight into the Soleares. The soleares is split up into 6 sections and each one is dealt with separately to help you through learning it. Although it was arranged as a learning guide it can be used as a stand-alone solo and uses passages that occur regularly in Flamenco music. I am the sort of person who learns best from a hands-on approach; lots of technical exercises, important as they may be, do not help me much and this is the reason I have chosen to dive straight into a fairly complex tune.

This tutorial is an introduction to Flamenco for Ukulele and is a guide to learning the techniques involved in Flamenco playing, it is not a definitive treatise on Flamenco and as such it is open to interpretation. You should use the information to help your technique by adapting the essential details to your own style of playing - it is your ukulele and you know what is best for you.

I have already introduced a great many people to Flamenco Ukulele with my free lessons and this course is the next logical step.

Have fun and enjoy playing your Flamenco Ukulele.

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