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Flamenco Ukulele Course

The course is in the process of being restructured with new videos and information.

Until it is ready I will not be accepting any new subscriptions.

Email me at dave@flamencoukulele.com if you wish to get advance notification of the launch date.

Course Description:
You do not need to know any music theory to enjoy playing Flamenco, tunes are traditionally learnt by listening and copying.

Anyone who has an interest in playing Flamenco on their Ukulele will benefit from this course whatever their playing ability.

The course will introduce you to basic concepts first then guide you through more advanced concepts.

Learning Outcomes:
When you have completed the course you will understand where the driving force of flamenco comes from.

You will have learnt

  • How to control the rhythm using different types of rasgueo
  • How to use the same rasgueo to achieve different sounds within the same tune
  • The difference between Tirando and Apoyando and which one to use for Picado
  • How to perform a thumb Golpe and an index finger Golpe
  • An overview of each tune including where it originated and what its structure is
  • Some very simple tunes to add to your repertoire as well as some very advanced tunes

After going through the tunes available with module 1 you will have had practise in the building blocks of Flamenco techniques.

You will be given access to Module 2 one month after you sign up for the course and this will supply the rest of your knowledge.

You will also have access to the largest collection of Flamenco Ukulele music on the internet.

What you get:

  • Basics: how to read cifra, how the fingers are named, how to convert chords
  • Right hand techniques: starting positions, apoyando, tirando. picado, golpe, apagado
  • Rasgueo: thumb positions: index finger, four finger and five finger rasgueos
  • Tunes you will learn: Soleares, Alegrias, Bailette Inglis, Bolero Robado, Malagueña, Rumba 1, Rumba 2, Panaderos, 4 Sevillanas, Tanguillos, Tientos and Zapateado (with 2 rhythms)
  • Downloads: Cifra, Sound clips and Exercises

By now you will have had quite a bit of practise and this next module will supply new ideas as well as some fine tuning of the tunes and technique you have already learnt

What you get:
  • Triplet rasgueo (there is more than 1 way to perform this and you will be shown some examples with advice about when to use them)
  • Alzapúa
  • Double Arpeggio
  • Barré
  • Trémolo
  • Tunes: extended Soleares, new Tanguillos, Bulerias, a Malagueña by Paco de Lucia , an Alegrias by Tomatito, new set of 4 Sevillanas, Farruca, Verdiales, Fandangos
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